Thank you for coming to Ahope for Children


AHOPE for so many of us starts with family. For me, it is the adoption of my two beautiful Ethiopian daughters and my daughter left behind. Our board President Jennifer Olsen was inspired by her mother-in-law Kathy Olsen. Kathy’s passion for children, and especially the most vulnerable of all children, started her on the path to found AHOPE for Children. Now Jennifer follows in her remarkable footsteps with the same selfless dedication to lead us into AHOPE’s future. For Jennifer and I, and all of us who work at AHOPE, I know the 205 children we currently care for are extensions of our own families. To all of you, regardless of how you found your way to AHOPE, we’re glad you’re here. And I have confidence in knowing that the love and support you have for our children will only grow as we nurture them into thriving adults.

As we move towards our tenth anniversary, AHOPE for Children and AHOPE Ethiopia are at a cross in the road. When AHOPE started, we were fundamentally a hospice – where children would be cared for in the time before their death. But with the advances in HIV treatment, PEPFAR, and the increased sanitation measures in Ethiopia, our children are living and it is our responsibility to give them a future. We have adapted from our early hospice days into so much more.

Please, I urge you to join us as we move toward our future, to make a difference in a child’s life, and to continue your support. And in return, we will do our best to serve the children of AHOPE and learn how best to serve you as a member of our AHOPE family.

Julie Wadler
Executive Director
Ahope for Children