Building Fund

AHOPE Ethiopia is presently leasing properties to provide facilities for the programs they run. None of the properties are designed for its present use, and all improvements necessary to make the buildings and grounds suitable for AHOPE only help the landlord.

Our goal is to buy the land where we house the children. Currently the children’s homes and the Community Development Programs (CDP) are in different locations. We ultimately want to own the property upon which would be Little AHOPE, the CDP, Medical Services, and all Administration will be located. This would allow us to make a long-term commitment and investment in AHOPE and to bring more comprehensive services into the AHOPE community.

A special building fund has been set up to pay for this project, which may include intermediate and/or incremental steps as we move toward the ultimate goal of owning the land.

If you are interested in supporting the Building Fund, please email or call us at (703) 683-7500.



At this time, Ethiopia has stopped international adoption. For our children, this means they will have the advantage of our AHOPE programs which will prepare them for creating their futures in their home country.