AHOPE has always believed in educating the community about HIV/AIDS. By working with local families of HIV positive children, AHOPE's Community Development Program has made huge strides in creating awareness and lowering the level of stigma associated with the disease.

AHOPE's Economic Strengthening and Family Preservation Program enables families to create sustainability which allows children to remain in their home rather than moving into an orphanage or group home. Families create business plans, attend business training's and are part of a cooperative of like minded individuals. Some of the business created include sales (household equipment, enjera, coffee, spices, food, butter, eggs and other such items), raising animals or crops (chickens and mushrooms) running a cafe or store, maintaining electrical materials, tailoring and craft work.

We are honored to be able to sell items hand crafted by our families here in our AHOPE store. These items were purchased directly from the artisans and any money raised through sales will benefit everyone in our Community Development Program as well as our Children's Homes.