In January, AHOPE Ethiopia was honored with a visit from the US Congressional Delegation (CODEL) of the Committee on African Affairs. Ethiopia was the first country they visited during their trip through Africa and the members generously spent a morning with our children and families.

AHOPE hosted a program on the day they visited. Upon arrival, the members of the delegation were greeted by our children with flowers. Coffee was available as everyone took their seats for the program. The members and guests were then greeted by our executive directors, Mengesha Shibru and Julie Wadler. The presentation of our AHOPE video followed. Afterwards, Meseret, one of our Youth Transition Home girls sang for the group. A spokesperson from each of our children’s homes talked about their program. The youngsters chosen to represent their programs included Eskindir from Little AHOPE; Birhanu from the Family Group Homes; Elshaday and Haileab from Youth Transition Home and Eyob from Independent Living. Upon completion of the program the delegates got to visit with families from the different cooperatives that had tables set up with items from their businesses. Before leaving, the members were able to get in some much enjoyed play time with the children!

All of us at AHOPE for Children and AHOPE Ethiopia want to thank every member of the CODEL for their visit. This meant a lot to our children, families and staff.


Our AHOPE Angel is all about partnership! Caring for Korah is a ministry that “exists to love and serve the poor in Korah, Ethiopia”. Their organization serves lepers, HIV/AIDS patients, orphans and widows with the goal to keep families together, provide children with the opportunity for education, access to medical care, proper nutrition and spiritual support.

What makes Caring for Korah an AHOPE Angel is their willingness to partner with AHOPE Ethiopia in order to educate our families in the art of bead making. With nothing other than the desire to help our families develop skills that will enable them to build their businesses, staff came to AHOPE and ran workshops, teaching families how to make beads from raw materials such as paper and clay.

This amazing collaboration was spearheaded by Annice Moses, an AHOPE donor and great friend but it was the dedication of the Caring for Korah staff that made it happen. Suzanne Payne Box, one of the co-founders and part of the US base of operations, readily gave her support for the project. Nati Bazezewl, Program Manager, coordinated with Mignot Bekele, AHOPE’s Program Manager, to make the project happen while Aregahegn Assefa, the Director of Caring for Korah, did the training. The supplies were purchased by Annice and her husband, Mike, while the training itself was donated by the Caring for Korah team. Suzanne stated that the team wanted the training to be a gift and was a way for them to serve.

Facebook conversations took place between Caring for Korah and AHOPE to determine what was needed; everything from supplies to design. The goal of the project was twofold; to provide our families with additional skills so they could start their own businesses and to create a signature piece of jewelry for AHOPE. The training, which took place over three days, taught our families everything from creating the clay to make the beads to how to dry the formed beads; how to decorate the beads to creating designs for jewelry.

The willingness to form a partnership and dedicate time and knowledge to help our families learn a new skill and develop their talent is what makes Caring for Korah our AHOPE Angel!

For pictures of the training, visit our website www.ahopeforchildren/caringforkorah

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Making Clay Beads – the families are burning the turf to create the clay powder

In the workshop, the powder is mixed with water and rolled to create the beads

Here the beads are being strung

And hung to dry – Aregahegn Assefa helps one of our ladies hang the beads to dry

Making Paper Beads

Aregahegn cuts the paper which will be turned into paper beads

Beads still in raw form

Finished Products


Sponsorship is the heart and soul of AHOPE for Children. Each of our sponsors has taken on the role of surrogate care giver for a child at AHOPE. They provide financial support while keeping their child in their hearts throughout the year. Be it through prayer, sharing information with friends and family or knowing their child is being cared for, sponsors are what make AHOPE for Children a unique and special organization.

Some sponsors have been with their child since AHOPE started; others are new. Each has a story to share and we would like to hear it! Please share your story to inspire others. Contact Leslie for details on how you can participate.

If you would like to become an AHOPE for Children sponsor, please contact us.

Little AHOPE and Family Group Home – $420.00/year or $35.00/month
Youth Transition Home and Independent Living Program – $900.00/year or $75.00/month
Community Development Program – $600.00/year or $50.00/month


In February, the AHOPE community was devastated by the loss of 14 year old Yordanos Solomon, one of our boys who resided in our Family Group Home Program. Yordanos died suddenly of heart failure with AHOPE Ethiopia’s executive director, Mengesha Shibru, by his side.

Yordanos came to AHOPE when he was approximately 9 years old. A police officer found him on the streets in Addis Ababa and facilitated his being admission to a local orphanage. Yordanos was transferred to AHOPE in order to receive the appropriate care and support. Unfortunately there is no family history available but Yordanos viewed AHOPE as his family. In the Family Group Home, he had strong relationships with his brothers and sisters and a lot of respect for his mother and auntie. Recently Yordanos stated that Mengesha was his role model and Getahun Bezabih – the Group Home social worker – was the most important person in his life.

Since ART’s (Anti-Retroviral Treatments) became available to our children we have been truly blessed in seeing our youngsters thrive. While we provide detailed medical care for our children, we have determined that we need a segregated medical fund to ensure we have the ability to extensively test children with secondary issues (Yordanos was anemic) to make sure the ARTs are not causing these secondary issues.

To do this we need your help. We need to raise $20,000.00 annually to provide this testing for our children. We are asking that our donors, sponsors and friends help us in meeting this need. Please help by making your donation to AHOPE for Children Medical Fund.

Your love and care of our children has brought them from hospice level of care to where they are today. Thank you for joining us on this next part of our journey in providing our children with strong futures filled with health and opportunities.

Partnership with King Ezana Coffee LLC

King Ezana CoffeeAHOPE for Children is proud to announce our partnership with King Ezana Coffee LLC! King Ezana Coffee is a family owned company based in both Ethiopia and the United States. Their coffee is organic and imported from Ethiopia.

Their signature coffee at this time is Ethiopian Lekempti Coffee which is cultivated in the Ghimbi and Wollega areas at elevation up to 5,900 feet above sea level. This brewed Leketmpti coffee has a strong body similar to Ethiopian Harrar Longberry coffee along with a fruity taste and very pleasing acidity.

The bottom line; this is a great cup of coffee!

King Ezana Coffee’s mission is to provide the best coffee in the world and to work with non-profits like AHOPE for Children. AHOPE is honored to partner with King Ezana Coffee and to be the recipient of 10% of each bag of coffee purchased!

To purchase your ground pound bag of Ethiopian Lekempti coffee from King Ezana Coffee, click on this link:

Enjoy a great cup of coffee while supporting AHOPE for Children!

King Ezana Coffee is a new company and has plans to increase their selection in coffee in the near future. AHOPE will keep you informed.

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