2011 Holiday Appeal

Is there room for one more?

The holidays are a time when people come together to give thanks, spend time with each other and celebrate. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, making Christmas dinner, or spinning dreidels for Hanukkah you often get the question from one of your guests, “is there room for one more?” Tis the season to welcome those who need a place to go in the spirit of, “sure, the more the merrier!” To share the cheer of the season, AHOPE is asking you to fit one more person at your table or to add one more gift for someone under the Christmas tree. That person is a child in need, that person is an HIV+ orphan at AHOPE. There are so many ways to make an AHOPE child part of your family this season. Perhaps you could “host” a different child each of the eight nights of Hanukkah, or “share” in the excitement of opening each day on an advent calendar as you count down to Christmas.

Please keep the children of AHOPE in your hearts this season and the year ahead. Your contribution will make a difference to a child who longs to be part of a family.

“Go tell it on the mountain!”

This holiday season we are appealing to all AHOPE supporters to reach out to friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues or others and let them know about the great work AHOPE does for “the least among us.” Post our website on your Facebook page, “like” us on Facebook, tweet about AHOPE, blog about AHOPE, sing about AHOPE…or whatever you want to do. But don’t be shy because we need you! Make a difference.

aHOpe aHOpe aHOpe

When Santa makes his rounds on Christmas Eve he always stops at AHOPE. While there are not many chimneys in Ethiopia, he always finds a way to deliver his goods. And it’s a big job but we can count on Santa to bring at least one gift for every child. As you can imagine, the requests from the children are as varied as children themselves. Yonas asked for a soccer ball to practice to win the World Cup someday; Amina wants a microscope so when she becomes a doctor she can help end the scourge of HIV; and Seham can only think of a dolly to hold and care for.